Sitka Insights is data science in action. It examines user behavior and transforms website traffic into actionable insights because it serves you the information you need to make your website better.

We created Sitka Insights just for you.

We know you have a big job to do. We’ve had the pleasure of working with people managing websites of all shapes and sizes. Sitka Insights search was born out of working with people just like you to help solve problems you face every day such as unreliable search results and outdated site content.

We want to work with you to make your website the best it can be.

Sitka Insights streamlines website management and provides the insights you need to connect users with the content they are looking for. That’s our fancy way of saying the Sitka Insights distills the data that helps you make decisions that improve user experience and deliver results that make your boss go “wow.”

We’re an eclectic group.

Sitka Insights was crafted by a team of web developers, user experience researchers, data scientists, marketers, content strategists, brand enthusiasts, moms, dads, Star Wars fans, dog-owners, cat-wranglers and squirrel rescuers (true story). 

Aaron Marth, Senior Web Designer

Marth writes his memoir in three sentences. “I was born. The world we know was forever changed for the better. The end.” Marth blends experience as a digital designer, web developer and former member of a boy band to craft the visual identity of Sitka Insights. We can’t step to his retro shoe game.

Alex Hughes, User Experience Design

Alex is a man of many skills. Sketching, prototyping, usability testing, affinity diagramming and programming — you name it and he can bring the expertise necessary to develop user-friendly websites. He’s lived in six states. Illinois is his favorite because Chicago.

Aly VanCleave, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Aly was 6 years old when she wrote and illustrated her first story about a water tower filled with chocolate pudding. She has been bringing big ideas to life with words ever since. As part of the Sitka Insights at SiteCrafting team, Aly keeps the feeds filed with content that tells of the transformational power of our product.

Angie Carson, Manager of Web Strategy

To know Angie, is to love Angie. By day she manages web strategy for SiteCrafting clients and Sitka Insights. By night she wrangles her almost 2-year-old and 5-year-old and streams Hamilton on repeat. She’s an expert communicator, adventurous crafter and rumored to be a long lost Schuyler sister (Work!).

Axel Koziol, Web Production Manager

Axel grew up in Poland, moved to the US when he was 19 and joined the SiteCrafting team in 2005. He loves web development, cats, home improvement projects and the Pacific Northwest. In the land of tech, he embraces being among the few with little interest in what happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Coby Tamayo, Senior Developer

Coby brings his eclectic voice and his passion for elegance and simplicity to every creative endeavor, coding included. When he’s not straining his love-hate relationship with WordPress and PHP, Coby can be found slinging parentheses in Clojure, crafting polyrhythmic compositions on guitar and drums, and contemplating the nature of truth in the postmodern meme era.

Chuck Johnston, User Experience Manager

Chuck is.

Daniel Knoben, Web Application Developer

What do Fantasy Football League commissioners and a software product that empowers user experiences have in common? Daniel. As a commissioner, Daniel applies what he believes is a necessary and responsible amount of authority. As a member of the Sitka Insights team, Daniel applies the perfect amount of expertise and dedication to integrate Google Analytics data.

Glen Weiman, Art Director

Glen has been bringing ideas to life with visuals and typography for more than two decades. In addition to his talent and expertise, he is known for his animated presentation style and office dog Frankie. He loves biking, longboarding, and hiking throughout the PNW with his wife and son.

Jen Rittenhouse, Brand Manager

Jen is our Brand Manager. She has been studying product copy and telling stories in 280 characters or less since the age of 8. Call her a guru or maven at your own risk.

Joe Izenman, Data Scientist

Joe Izenman is our data scientist. He is also a musician, chef and family man. The catchphrase for building Sitka Insights was “we need Joe!” He puts the insights in Sitka Insights.

Matt Schnepf, Quality Assurance

Matt planned to go into film production, stumbled into quality assurance and testing and never looked back. He is fueled by a love of video games and reading. If you are ever in Tacoma and need a restaurant recommendation, he can share his spreadsheet with ratings for local banh mi and taco spots.

Phil Price, Software Architect

Phil is our resident wizard, he makes imaginary things come to life. When he’s not crafting subtly complex web applications infused with music and love, you may find him at the water at sunset, filling the sky with mammoth bubbles. He also has a habit of adopting orphaned squirrels. If there’s one rule that governs his life, it’s this: expect the unexpected.

Reena Hensley, Front-End Development Manager

Reena is a rockstar. She taught herself to code and has been developing digital experiences that empower users ever since. At Sitka Insights and SiteCrafting she lends her time, knowledge and talent to teach co-workers front-end development. At home she’s a professional snuggler, tequila sipper and gamer.

Ross Abplanalp, User Experience Researcher

Ross is an expert in leading workshops for stakeholders and diving into research with users. He lives for connecting the pieces between what customers want and how best to implement those findings into business platforms. If you offer him a bologna sandwich he will punch you in the face.

Scott Dunham, Staff Developer

Scott describes himself as a slightly sarcastic vegetable gardener. As part of our development team, his code review is essential in squashing bugs for Sitka Insights. He loves good beer and a good prank. Remnants of the time he snuck into the office to put googly eyes on potted plants, computers and office decor can still be seen at SiteCrafting.

Telford Burtts, Technical Project Manager

If Telford were a Netflix series it would be titled “For the love of a plan.” He keeps the Sitka Insights at SiteCrafting team moving and grooving using the power of subtle nudges, delegation, communication and encouragement. He dreams in Jira tasks and scrums, and while he fancies himself an amateur farmer he realizes he’s just a city boy in overalls.

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