The scene: A user arrives on your website and types a word or phrase into the search bar. Do they find what they are looking for in the results? Or do they leave your site after an unsuccessful search experience?

With Sitka Insights you can customize the search results on your website to connect people with the information they are looking for. Features include document search, predictive search, spelling corrections, derivative word search and synonym search.

Sitka Insights recommended search terms



Customized search results = engagement. When you give users a search experience that meets their expectations (see: Google, Ask Jeeves) and also connects them with content they are looking for, you show them that your business or brand cares. Recommending content related to a user’s search adds value to the experience and provides opportunity for engagement.

Sitka Insights weighting results


Improve search results, improve conversion rates. Connecting people with the information they need quickly and easily means they can pay a bill, purchase products, learn about events and connect with all of the resources on your website related to their search query.

Additionally, the Sitka Insights dashboard gives you insights about user search behavior that you can turn into strategy and tactics to improve user experience — and conversion rates — for future website visits.

Sitka Insights dashboard

Better search powers better websites. Better websites empower better user experiences.

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